Darkest Night Pubg Survival Trick

Survival Trick

The Most popular Game battle “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” is Has Launched hardest all-new survival mode called Darkest Night 

This mode is totally based on the “Resident Evil” survival mode. Players are dropped into the map, which is filled with zombies and poisonous gas, and they have 30 minutes to escape. They can choose to team up or go solo. Darkest Night is an all-new game type where players can spend there first night by taking the small fight with a zombie but second and third survival is kind of hard.players are placed randomly on the map to face zombie hordes during each of the three foggy nights. There is no single chicken dinner to earn this time and players may help each other to survive when necessary unless the alliance decides turns on each other.
So here is a list of difficulties that might give you some trouble.

- Stun zombies
- jumping zombies and zombie dogs
- Some zombies would now be able to move over low dividers or onto rooftops 

Supportive part
- RPG-7 and Jungle Style Magazines
- Flamethrowers deal more damage
- M134 handling
- Players will pick up appends that award certain buffs 
- Zombies move slower after being hit by firearms
- Liquid Nitrogen Grenades to solidify adversaries and decrease their speed

In this game, you basically don't need to kill each other for " winner winner chicken dinner". Shock?  yeah, you heard it right it's not necessary to go after enemy to hunt them down. we all know that pubg means if you want to survive or win then you must be good at hunting skill for example headshot, drop hunting, counter-attack, etc. Once the timer begins, the toxic gas will start if you stay outside. This not only limits your vision but also depletes your health and can get you knocked off.

In this article, we will be discussing about every detail of Darkest Night and the loop hole's of PUBG Mobile darkest night that I have noticed.teams are split from one another and scattered in random locations across the map as I have already mentioned above, players will be put near houses, and the primary goal is to survive against zombies, not other players.all the zombie types you must be familiar such as regular zombies, Spitters, Lickers, and the Tyrant,  the brand new enemy Zombie dogs.

Let's move  on everyone favorite  topic what are the "Tips for Survival In Darkest Night"

The strategy 
Maybe you even made it into top 10 many times, But you're facing trouble in close fight and securing the coveted chicken dinner. Then tips will guide to understand the techniques for playing smarter like a pro and getting better at the game.

_Before landing decide a place for land, Where You get basic supplies for the team

_Make sure all the team member get all basic needed supplies

_Help Your teammate when they needed

_Give them cover when they are healing 

_In Darkest Night Game I personally suggest shotgun is the best weapon

_Stay Close to Your Teammate

_ Keep your voice chat On

Understand Circles 
The first circle has a huge distance to travel, doesn't give more damage move slowly, but it can knock you off if you don’t speed up, once you knocked out in zombie mode then you have left only 20 percent of chances to survive.

"SO Find Perfect Place to hide "

Stay Focused 
_Be careful toward your aim. here your responding time matters more
_IF you find your safe hiding place from zombies then don't give your footprint.

Know the right uses of your health kit. when you have time little bit then I suggest you go for a bandage but if you don't have much time then go  for health kit energy drink are best among healing kit to boost up your health

.Medikit: 10-second

.First-aid kit: 7-second

Know your Weapon
Before selecting your weapons make sure you know how to use them well. like if you are good at taking close fight then go for shotgun and akm but also tell your teammate to keep RPG-7.
Jungle Style Magazines configuration is used to speed up the process of reloading and extend your round of fire. for example normally akm fire 30bullet but with the help of jungle style magazine, it can fire 60 bullets in one round without reloading.

                             "Akm and Shotgun GIve More Damage to a zombie as compared to other guns"

Armor Damage reduction
In zombies mode, normally armor provided by the game is of level 1 and 2

Level 1 armor gives 30 percent damage reduction
Level 2 armor help in 40 percent damage reduction
Level 3 armor help in  55 percent damage reduction

Don't scared of zombies
Don't get scared of zombies. reach to the safe hiding place and then use shotgun that will boost up your Evo level too. the game becomes more interesting once you learn the trick code to hunt down a zombie.

A safe place, cheat code or trick for winning  zombie darkest night 
The game will place you in the middle of pubg map. In front of the water town or sometime they may place you in front of rozak but  these two places are the main places from where game begin

This is the place where the game begins. find this kind of building in a water town and stand on the stool near the refrigerator.  it's good for only two people not for four so I suggest you to chose duo if you want to win the darkest night pubg

Next circle will take you to rozak or school
These buildings are near the school go and find the stool. stand upon a stool and  use your shotgun when zombies are near to you don't come on the ground until zombies are gone

Secret place inside the school to hide from zombies
go inside the school and lay down under the stairs.

         "use the secret places and win the game if you have any trouble feel free to ask"

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