Hotstar is an Indian entertainment streaming application service owned by Novi Digital Entertainment.its officially launched in February  2014 after the hard work of fifteen months with a full pack of amazing content like sports drama news old Indian tv drama's in full HD quality. In April 2016 hot star finally, introduce their subscription tier which was very low if we compare to Netflix and amazon prime. As we all know that  every good pack has some of its hidden term and condition  so here comes our basic problem " how can we take a screenshot of hotstar content"

HotStar pescreenshot_kaise le

Why Hotstar why not other application
if You love Indian tv drama  sports  unique content then I personally suggest you  hotstar because you can get  your favorite content in high definition quality only at 400 hundred for year
now let's talk about the cons of hotstar

It does not work on Linux.
It does work with incognito mode.
Data eater ghost
Buffering all over again.
To feedback on hotstar you need to attach your social site account.

Is it really possible?
Many of you spend lots of time in finding the trick on how to take a screenshot form hotstar. even me too before knowing about this trick I was the same kind of person you are spending lots of time on google blogs, youtube in short everywhere.
In this article  "I am going teach you how to take a screenshot in hotstar" with all wanna know-hows that become possible it's just simple guys all you need to do open your hotstar in google chrome browser, search for your favorite video and then play it your screenshot button will definitely gonna work this time. hotstar has some copyright so you can't take screenshots directly through the app but in a browser, you can.
hotstar se vedio kaise download kare
hotstar vedio downloader
many of you even thinking about downloading video and that's also not possible because of their copyright policy you can make your video offline available but you can't get video in a folder for that there is also a trick.

All you need to do just go for online video converter and copy-paste the link of your desired video  this will work for youtube too  but  if you use your hotstar on  laptop there is software internet download manager that  will help you out in downloading youtube videos hot star video  but it will only work on laptop not  on your mobile.this time  you will get your favorite video in your download folder and then your can edit it if you are editor or if you are  series lover  then you can watch it over  and over again. Some of you will tell we can also watch it over and over again if we download it from hotstar yes buddy you can watch that specific video again and again but that video is not permanent if you remove the app that video will be also removed. video can't be moved in sd card this is a basic problem for the person who is already suffering from storage problem in their mobile plus it will hang your mobile too. I will provide you the software with a full crack version.

why do we need hotstar?
As you know hotstar is an ocean of Indian content series and Hotstar, which has the highest number of downloads and claims of 150 million monthly active users, has so far depended on movies, sports and make up for lost time content from Star India's stations. while sports, which include Indian Premier League, BCCI matches, Pro Kabaddi, and Indian Super League, give a spike in viewership. Recently the hotstar spend up to Rs 120 crore on ‘Hotstar Specials’ (original content). like criminal justice, the roar of a lion and many more. Plus its VIP subscription tier gives us access to the next-day episode before its original telecast time. and the premier member hotstar can give access to other country series, movies and many more will cost you around 1000 per year.

Is spending money on hotstar really worth it?
yes, it really worth every penny. if you are kind of Indian serial lover and have lots of excitement about what going to happen in the next episode then its worth this category, they target Indian housewives who have lots of craze for Indian tv serial's episode. spending 400 rupees for a year is not a kind of huge amount for Indian housewives as we all know home ministry always belong to housewives. normally we live in India and Here the husband knows how to earn money and wives know how to spend it. even some of them know both how to earn and how to spend it's new India guys here girls and boys both are equal.
For capturing young generation target hotstar has sports category, original series category, and people who are more interested in Hollywood movies they have it too but for they will charge you around 1000 per year. which is less actually to if you compare to other application of video on demand

Why the only hotstar why not others?
let's talk about the charges of another site
netflix_600 for one screen
amazon prime _129 for a month
hotstar_400 for year
so if we calculate the  amount according to a year then  new charges will we like
netflix_7,200 for year
amzon_1200 for year
hotstar_400 for year
hotstar premium_1000 for year
as you can notice the big differences in the amount they charge you for a year. so the cheapest site for videos on demand is hotstar plus the content of hotstar you can't get online while googling it.

Its huge data eater but guys you can fix that by using hotstar on google chrome.

Download videos by using an internet download manager.

Take a screenshot by using the trick play it on google chrome and bingo your screenshot feature will work perfectly.

decide it by yourself what you want more from an application video on demand

In this article I have explained to you about every detail on hotstar even its good or cons point too. Hope you enjoy it.

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