The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the latest and most played mobile game in the world and PUBG RANKING TO CONQUEROR TIER Is an attractive part Of Game.

The game has more than 500 million registered users on the platform. The weapons, maps, and survival are not the only fascinating things but the race to reach "Conqueror" makes it more fascinating also the reason why people love PUBG Mobile.
Pubg Ranking kaise bhadye
Trick For Silver To Crown I have made it to Crown recently, here are some learning I made note of along the way. I hope this is useful for others if they are looking to rank up from Silver or Gold upwards.There is only two way of playing pubg first one is aggressive mode and the second one is defensive mode.If really really want to push up your pubg tier rank you need to keep some point in your mind

1.Always choose server whose latency or 'ping' is lowest of the AWS regions where PUBG is hosted.

2.Never ever play in any random server.Just select the one who's whose latency or 'ping' is lowest of the AWS regions where PUBG is hosted.If you play in random server point will distributed randomly in random server.

3.If you aim for crown or ace. Without any doubt go for lowest ping server Squad

4.Try to land away from crowds into small houses

5.Most important point if you are alone and your all teammate got killed Don't take fight. try to hide your foot print until last circle come.

6.Never run for big loot try to minimize your loot like if you have 200 or 150 amo,20 bandages,2 painkiller,4 energy drink, 1 smoke grenade ,2 flags grande it's enough to serve until last zone come

7.Play defensive means take fight when don't have any other option and you can also play aggressive but only when last zone come 12 or 13 people left alive.

8.If you are playing in duo or solo wait for 10 people left alive and if you are playing in squad wait for at least 15 people left alive only after that you can play aggressive mode.

Match Type
  • Choose Squad if you want to get to Crown or Conqueror 
  • Choose Solo or Duo if you want to get to Platinum

    The reasoning behind this is simple. The largest player base is in Squads, so you would naturally be up against the most competition. Winning a Crown level match in squads can net you upwards of 30 points.
    It need only 100 point for one tier level up. all You need to do is just play five match in day and Come in top 10 "
    Survival Over Kills
    Many will know by now that the game survival over kills. What’s even more “flawed” is that the game seems to take into account the survival time rather than the number of people left. This means you should play conservative at most times and avoid conflict at least up until you have survived long enough to earn the points.
    Pubg ranking

    If you got killed immediately Your tier point will goes in minus, your  must need to survive until last circle come. you win or lose does not matter more. all you need to focus just be safe until the last circle come.

    PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 7

    Speaking of PUBG Mobile We cant ignore the Royale Pass section running,jumping around, killing zombies and killing players with a frag grenade or Vehicle is part of your daily mission.I know the feeling of your name on top where 100 people see it That make you feel good and If you religiously play PUBG Mobile, then you must be aware of Season 7 is about to end.
    Season 7 comes with lots of big prizes and many more new task and new reward that you have already discovered it in ''Royale pass section'' Some of you are kind of late comer they want to complete there mission task and take reward . for those kind of people my answer is yes you can still collect all of that reward by completing mission or by buying Royale pass. which charge you 700 rupees in Indian currency.

    Is Spending Money in pubg Unknown Cash (uc) Worth It ?

    So The Answer is yes .Spending money for Royale pass really worth it because first  you need to pay them 800 rupee. they will give you Royale pass task access you will get your Unknown Cash (uc) back as a reward.  still confuse ?? let me  clear things out for you  once you pay for Royale pass Unknown Cash (uc)  there are some benefit that  you will get 

    1. You will get all the dresses, gun skin,hamlet skin and many more like vechile skin that are pubg has launched  in that particular season 

    2. By completing task  everyday pubg will reward you with Unknown Cash (uc)  

    3. That Means form that reward you can keep purchasing Royale pass for next to next season. so in simple  language you can  say what goes around comes around.

    Don't Want to Spend Money ??

    For that let me clear you can not have all the legendary  item like skin, dress and many more. your Royale pass (RP) never be equal to the person who already owned Royale pass but Still  "WHERE THERES A WILL, THERES A WAY". You can't have it all  but may have few of them  and for that there is a virtual private network (vpn) Trick. all you need to do that download virtual private network (vpn).
    Mostly Blogger will guide to the these kind  of virtual private network (vpn) that  will charge you a handsome money like (Express VPN Nord VPN Private VPN) But  here am not a salesman or advertiser of that  particular vpn  company they are not paying me so without wasting time  let me  tell you some Application that will  not charge you Single rupee. " VPN Master " Try it You will know  it but for using this you need some research on vpn  trick because this  app will only connect you to the specific proxcy. you need to research which country  virtual pritavte network is currently rewarding on pubg. some people say you why use vpn just use hack mode of pubg let me warn you never ever use mode pubg. it can cost you ban your pubg account for forever 

    Most of the Blogger will suggest for these sort of virtual private system (vpn) that will charge you an attractive cash-like (Express VPN Nord VPN Private VPN) But here am not a seller or representative of that specific VPN organization they are not paying me  So without sitting idle let me disclose to you some Application that won't charge you Single rupee. " VPN Master " Try it. You will know it yet for utilizing this you don't need some special guide on vpn. this application will just connect you to the particular proxy. you have to just chose the country which nation virtual private system is right now compensating on pubg. a few people say you why use vpn simply use the hack method of pubg let me tell you.never under any circumstance use hacked mode pubg. it can cost you boycott your pubg account until the end of time

    • Play solo or couple for Conqueror; squad for Ace 
    • Play traditionalist with controlled animosity 
    • Utilize the flight way and hover position to further your potential benefit 
    • Vehicle and Houses are your companions 
    • Appreciate the game and don't turn into its detainee

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