Windows Trick Miracast

 Windows Trick 10 awesome new feature

Turn any laptop or pc As a mirror cast with window 10. they will perform as a wireless receiver for Windows Miracast, permitting you to look at the show from another Windows laptop, PC or a Windows phone. In short, you can now enjoy your movies, games, picture anything you want to cast on a big screen just like a projector.

How to Flip Your laptop Into a Miracast Receiver
 To turn your laptop into a Miracast receiver, simply open the Windows 10 menu and open the “Connect” app. If you don’t see this app, you need to upgrade by Installing Windows update that is already downloaded in your pc. and for that, you need to click on power and then chose the option install update and shutdown.
With the app open, you’ll see a message that your laptop is currently prepared for you to attach wirelessly. That’s it. You don’t have to be compelled to mess with any firewall or network server settings. simply open the app whenever you wish to flip your laptop into a mirror cast receiver.

Step To Flip Your laptop Into a Miracast Receiver

1. Click On Connect Among all 
The Different Options.

2.Select Project This Screen.

3.After selecting a project to this pc. Do Some settings as shown in this pic.

4. IN First Option select "Available everywhere"

5. In Second Option select "First Time Only"

6. Click on Turn off The section "This Pc Projection when it's Plugged in"

Now Let's Do Some Setting In Mobile

1.Open Setting 

2.Select MOre In Your Phone ( MI note7 IF You Have Other Handset Then Just Search For Display Then Wireless Display)

3. Select Wireless Display.   

4. Turn on the wireless display. select Ok when it ask for turn on wifi.
it's done


Why Miracast is not Working in my pc?
On most PCs, you’ll doubtless see a “This device might need to bother displaying your content as a result of its hardware wasn’t specifically designed for wireless projection” message. Mostly it happens when you are using window 10 home version or education version this trick only work for the professional version.

 How to miracast From Another Windows 10 laptop to connect from another laptop running Windows 10.
mirror cast from another window 10 laptops to connect from another laptop running windows Not a big deal because now a day team viewer offers you same feature casting another screen on your laptop or pc with fully remote controlled and data transfer too or you can choose the option of the duplicate screen from the project section. After getting connects, you have to do a few more settings. Enable “Allow contribution from console or mouse associated with the Display” and the PC functioning as the receiver will be able to interact with the PC through the Connect app.
Its all up to you which way you chose to mirror cast your system. well, window 10 professionals have many hidden awesome features that we cant discuss in one single article. I have used a home version of window 10 also but with personal experiences suggesting whenever you go for choosing the operating system the best operating is mac and after mac window 10 professional is the best operating system for your pc or laptop.

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